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laura heck


The Palette Cleanse Paintings commenced during Laura’s frustrations with her time spent cleaning off her glass paint palette.  A swipe with a putty knife covered in dried (somewhat liquefied) paint on a paper towel inspired her to take this time-and-material-consuming act to create lasting artwork.  She uses donated, discarded fine art paper at a local creative reuse center or any paper hanging around her studio.  She has been intrigued with how this process reacts to various papers or even other recycled surfaces such as plastic tiles, wood and fabric. She has extended this series by adding line work and mark making with graphite, ink and paint pens, and colored pencils.

“You can’t change the world; you can’t fix the whole environment.  But you can recycle.  You can turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth.  You can do small things.” – Patti Smith

Laura has been increasingly aware of her own impact on the environment after starting this project. Her intention with this series is to ignite and create conversations about recycling, reusing and creating less waste. This is just one of her small steps to do just that.

Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Laura’s love for art flourished in high school with a mixed media project, an altered book.  Combining her love for working with people, specifically children, and her interest in art, she pursued an Art Education degree at St. Cloud State, in Minnesota.  Post college, she returned to South Dakota and taught high school art for four years.

She has been creating and selling original artwork since 2012, alongside her other passion of teaching art.  She currently teaches art part-time to 1st-8th graders in the Denver area.  Her goal is to share her enthusiasm of art and its expansiveness with her students. This balance of passions keeps her inspired and energized.

Check out more of her work at or on Instagram and Facebook @lauraheckfineart.

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