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Mnemonic- paintings by Jeane Michelle Warner Green

I was born and grew up in Denver. Currently, I live and teach in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Painting is my way to write a visual love song. In their static silence they sing of the time and

place of when and where I painted them; each painting is a mnemonic device, helping me

remember not only that space but also the narrative around which it was created.

These paintings are inspired by conversation, by the untamed curiosity found in children, by

beautiful color combinations, by memories, and by music...always music. They lap up the

wanderlust at my heels, they mimic the ambiguous landscapes of my dreams and nightmares,

and they murmur of my childhood, my family, and my character.

The act of painting helps me fill the space I inhabit with more meaning. Completing a good

painting has a euphoric effect; I love that high and the chill of pleasure when I look back at

them, but moreover I love that painting is a method to communicate with you, for a moment,

something which kept me absorbed in the act, something of great weight.

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